*Additional locations will be added as they are confirmed.

2/28/2020 – USTA National Campus – Orlando, FL (Har-Tru)

5/8/2020 – Darling Tennis Center – Las Vegas, NV

July TBD – Cooper Tennis Complex – Springfield, MO

8/14/2020 – Hempfield Sports Complex – Landisville, PA

9/11/2020 – Orange County Great Park – Irvine, CA



2/8/2019 – Wild Dunes Resort – Charleston, SC (Har-Tru)

4/5/2019 – Owl Creek Tennis Center – Virginia Beach, VA (Senior Divisions only)

5/10/2019 – Darling Tennis Center – Las Vegas, NV

7/26/2019 – Plaza Tennis Center – Kansas City, MO

8/9/2019 – Hempfield Sports Complex – Landisville, PA

8/16/2019 – Millbrook Exchange Tennis Center – Raleigh, NC

9/13/2019 – Orange County Great Park – Irvine, CA

2019 Nationals:

Nov. 1 – 3 – Palm Desert, Calif. –  REGISTER NOW

2019 Nationals – Open Division:

Nov. 1 – 3 – Palm Desert, Calif. – REGISTER NOW

Winning teams of any official World TeamTennis local league division are eligible to attend one National Qualifier within 12 months from the date their local league ends. If teams are not able to attend a National Qualifier within 12 months, they may also compete in the qualifier immediately following the 12 months. If the winning team is unable to compete in any National Qualifier within the 12 months plus the immediate qualifier, they may be replaced by the second place team within the same time frame.

The following divisions will be offered at the 2019 National Qualifiers:

3.0 & under                   Senior 3.5 & under                  Super Senior 3.5 & under
3.5 & under                   Senior 4.0 & under                  Super Senior 4.0 & under
4.0 & under                   Senior 4.5 & under
4.5 & under

All teams will be competing to advance to the Nationals in November. The Open (4.5 & above) division will not be offered at the National Qualifiers. It will only be offered at the Nationals.

Teams attending a National Qualifier must meet the following criteria:

  • All players must have a USTA rating. Ratings from the start of the local league will be used. If a player has not played in a USTA league to generate a rating, a self-rating will be accepted.
  • The average NTRP rating of the top two (2) men and the top two (2) women will determine the team’s level of competition.
  • All players must be registered WTT members and must be at least 18 years old prior to the start of the National Qualifier. All player participating in the Senior division must be at least 50 years old (60 if entering the Super Senior division) within the calendar year.
  • All teams must have qualified from a local league or tournament except for teams entering the Open, Senior or Super Senior divisions. Open, Senior or Super Senior teams may assemble a team and enter if a local league or tournament is not available. If a team is assembled, that does not play in a local league, the current NTRP ratings of the players must be used for the National Qualifier that they are entering.
  • Only those players registered on the original local league roster are eligible to play. All players must have played at least two (2) local matches for their qualifying team. A team must have played at least three (3) matches.
  • A maximum of 10 rostered players per team may participate. This includes the alternate player.
  • Each team attending will be allowed to add one (1) alternate player to their National Qualifier roster as long as he/she is registered and played in at least two (2) matches in any official WTT local league within 14 months of the National Qualifier your team wishes to participate in. If the alternate player is coming from the same league / season in which the team qualified, then the alternate player is able to use their rating from the start of the local league (unless their rating has been adjusted more than 1/2 of a point). If the alternate player is coming from a league / season that is different than the league / season that the team qualified, then they must use their most current rating on file.

These events begin on Friday and go through Sunday afternoon with a lot of fun, excitement, and competition packed into them. Once your team has decided which National Qualifier they would like to attend, you will register your team online by clicking on the appropriate link above. Contact Jennifer Smith at 1-800-832-6836 or jsmith@wtt.titanium6.com with any questions.